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Want To Let More Rooms?

If so, have you ever wondered... how many times potential customers have visited your site only to book their stay away with another establishment?

Is it that they are offering better rates, better rooms, more convenient locations or are they simply making it easier for the customer to check availability and make a booking.

What is the solution?

OBM from only £89.00 per year!
The solution is to integrate an online booking system into your existing website, for just the cost of a few room nights you can now have your own online reservations system working 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Give the customer what they want, the facility to check availability and make an immediate online booking with the facility to pay by credit card and instantly receive an Email, SMS and/or Fax confirmation that the booking and payment is made, JOB DONE.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions!

If there's one thing we like better than providing great websites, it's taking the time to answer a question. Here are answers to some questions that we see on a somewhat regular basis.

  • OBM General Questions - (Click Questions To See Answers)
  • How do I handle bookings while I'm away from the Office?

  • Can I prevent double bookings?

  • Are there any ongoing Commission Charges?

  • I donít take credit cards, can I still use OBM?

  • Can I select which credit cards to accept?

  • Where is the credit card details kept?

  • Is there any limit to the rooms I can offer?

  • How often can I change the room rates?

  • Can I charge by the person or room?

  • Can I specify the minimum number of nights stay?

  • Can I set the maximum number of guests to a room?

  • Am I able to add manually taken bookings to OBM?

  • How is OBM room availability kept up to date?

  • What do I do if someone cancels a reservation?

  • Can I offer extraís with the reservation?

  • Can I view all reservations made?

  • I want to block off rooms for a period time, can I do this?

  • Can I select which language flags to display?

  • Can I update rates and availability etc. from any PC/Mac?

  • Website Related Questions...
  • How do I place the button or calendar link into my website?

  • Can I upgrade from the button link to calendar?

  • What If I lose my admin control panel password?

  • Can I Change my admin password?

  • How do I get technical help?

  • Can you host a website for me?

  • When would I need an SSL certificated secure site?

  • I donít have a domain name, can you help?

  • Can you offer me a refresh and update for my existing website?